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Show your staff you care.

At-work massages do more than create happy employees, they increase production.

I’ll be the first to tell you, treating your employees to Ruby Tuesday’s once a month isn’t cutting it. As a matter of fact, your spending more and reducing the work done on “treat day”. It is a fact that as an employer, you’ve got to stand out. Treating your staff to something nice every now and then is a good way to show you care, buy what’s the right reward?


We offer 10 to 20 minute chair massages right in your office. That’s right – we come to you. You can choose to treat them on a special occasion or make it a regular event… it’s up to you. One thing is for sure – you’ll see the benefits of a workplace massage instantly.

Benefits of massages at the office

We offer on-site corporate massage services for offices and businesses. Much like our expo and event massages, our massage therapists will supply everything for your corporate events and transport the massage chairs or massage tables directly to your location along with all the supplies needed to create a relaxing environment for you and your team.

In-office Massage sessions typically last 10 to 20 minutes in duration depending on your specifications. Clients remain fully clothed as they sit or lie back and enjoy our massage services. Let the morale increase and employee happiness soar.

Corporate massages are a guaranteed way to create a positive atmosphere.

Massage therapy has been shown to help work-related issues such as poor posture and carpal tunnel symptoms while effectively reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small local business, we always treat our clients like they’re a VIP. We understand your time is valuable and we want to ensure you receive the highest quality massages anyone in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area can offer.

“The return on your investment will surpass any expectations prior to the corporate massage.”

 Try our free two Hour Chair Massage Demo 

A massage therapist will gladly come to your company to give 3 to 6 employees a 15 minute chair massage each, free of charge.

We offer this opportunity one time only.

Schedule yours today!

How it works

We typically massage an average of 3 to 4 people per hour, per massage therapist depending on the time you have available. If you have more than 15 to 20 individuals or a limited amount of time, we can schedule two or more massage therapists to work concurrently.

Our massage therapists will provide a fully clothed treatment of the back, neck, shoulders, and arms. After the session, you and your team will be able to go back to work.

How will you and employees feel after the massage? Relaxed and stress-free! You’ll feel refreshed and ready to accomplish your goals for the day.

On-site corporate massages have shown to:

  • boost productivity
  • reduce stress and stress-induced illnesses
  • relieve pain
  • increase employee morale
  • reduce absenteeism
  • improve alertness.

We know you want to keep your team running as efficiently as possible and providing them with on-site massages is a great way to make it happen. Many of our corporate clients get our on-site massages weekly or once a month to ensure the workplace is functioning at top capacity.

What do we need from you? All we need you to do is designate a clear area at least 5’x6’ or larger where the massage therapist can set up their massage chair or massage table.

If you would like for us to provide music just let us know. We want you to enter into a relaxed space where you can achieve a peaceful state of mind.

For additional information, please check out our FAQs page.


Chair massage rates

Thinking about treating the office to massages to increase productivity? Great. Below are our current duration and price offerings.

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