Massage Gun


Elite Massage gun

The Elite Massage Gun is a well built high quality machine with 20 speeds and a very powerful percussion vibration giving you 1800-3400 strokes per minute depending on the speed you select. While similar massagers feel like they are vibrating, ours feels like real percussion.
2500mAh Rechargeable Battery - Up to 6 hours of use per charge.
HD Touch Screen with power display.
20 speed display, 'SEE' the intensity of the massage in time.
5 Replacement Massage Heads.
ULTRA-LOW NOISE - Enjoy your relaxation time.
Ergonomic massage head, take care of every muscle group.
How to activate the Handheld Muscle Massage Gun?
Step 1: Select and install your preferred massage head.
Step 2: Turn on the power switch at the bottom of the massage gun's handle, and then the LED screen will light up.
Step 3: Touch the start button and the massage gun starts to run.
Step 4: Press + and - buttons to adjust massage gun's speed.
Total Body Muscle Massager - From muscle recovery to pain relief - soothe all of your aches and pains
Varied Speed Settings - Easily switch between 20 different speeds to experience different benefits
Level 1-4:Mild massage
Level 5-8:Muscle relaxation
Level 9-12:Muscle arousal
Level 13-16:Decomposition of lactic acid
Level 17-20:Professional mode


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